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grade Healing Our Children with Attentional, Emotional and Learning Challenges

grade Is Our Educational System Contributing to Attentional and Learning Difficulties in Our Children? Version I

grade How Our Educational System is Contributing to Attentional and Learning Challenges in our Children - Version II

School Phobia

Teaching Academics in Preschool and Kindergarten

grade Teaching Our Children to Write, Read and Spell, Part I

Teaching Our Children to Write, Read and Spell, Part II

grade  Fluent Sight vs. Fluent Phonetic Reading:
Assessment of Pre-Reading and Reading Skills

grade picture_as_pdf  Comparison: Fluent Sight Reading vs. Fluent Phonetic Reading

grade Visual Tracking, Eye Convergence, Reading and Writing

grade Therapeutic Eurythmy: Strengthening Neurological Pathways

Waldorf Education: Protecting the Spirit of Childhood - Pending


grade General Clinic Recommendations

grade picture_as_pdf Strengthening our Immune Health

Allergy Treatment Sheet--for Children and Adults

grade The Leaky Gut Syndrome: Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, Auto-Immune Diseases & Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Our Energy--What Enhances It and What Drains It


The Essential and the Non-Essential


Importance of Sleep I

Importance of Sleep II

The Importance of Warmth

The Meaning of Illness

Prevention of Obesity


Our Thoughts Matter

Therapeutic Eurythmy



Almond Milk

Baking Bread with Your Child

Flaxseeds, Fish Oil, and Neural Development

Fruit Juice

High Protein Pancakes

Importance of Breakfast



Vegetable and Chicken-Vegetable Detox/Mineral Bone Soups



Compassionate Communication

Parenting a Young Child- What My Formal Education Never Taught Me

Parenting: Confronting Our Shadow

Peer Pressure

Product vs. Process

Transforming Anger

TV Article

Strangers in Our Home Part II:
How Screens Impact the Spiritual Development of Our Children
- Pending

Uncovering the I

Win/Win and the Cello


Confessions from a Pediatrician-- The Darkest Night of My Soul Revisited

Guns, A Plane Ride and War

Michaelmas: Confronting our Fears

A Return to Love

Unconditional Love - Part I

Unconditional Love - Part II

grade Raising Our Consciousness: From Conditional to Unconditional Love

The Redwood Seed (a Poem for Children, Teenagers, and Adults)

A Wounded Knight's Tale (Poem)

The Holy Quest for Soul Consciousness

Coming Soon!

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Healing Our Children:
A Collection of Articles for Parents

The book, Healing Our Children, by Susan R. Johnson, MD, F.A.A.P., is a collection of more than 45 articles written for parents, educators, and health professionals. For those that prefer to have a printed copy of this entire book, and want to pass this book on as a gift for expectant parents, friends, relatives, or colleagues, a printed version of this book will soon be available to order online!