A Wounded Knight's Tale

Author: Susan R. Johnson MD, F.A.A.P.

Published: Feb 20th, 2019

Once, there was a Silver Knight,
who sought to transform her soul.
Wisdom, compassion, and selfless deeds,
were her ennobled goals.

She joined a group, of similar knights,
who were also on this quest.
They all were in search of this Holy Grail,
and vowed they’d never rest.

They rode by horseback, dawn to dusk,
galloping ever so fast.
They avoided the paths, where dragons lay,
so they would not be last.

They travelled over huge mountains,
crisscrossing rivers and streams.
They travelled through thick forests,
pretending they were a team.

There was no stopping at villages,
where dragons lay in wait.
Nor time to talk with strangers,
for that would make them late.

Their gaze was always forward,
not ever side to side,
And looking back, was forbidden,
for that would slow their stride.

They were focused on their mission,
and kept a rapid pace.
For time was of the essence,
and there was no time to waste!


But now, that Silver Knight,
was beginning to lag behind.
For dragons, of fear and doubt,
had started to plague her mind.

Her thoughts were now consumed,
with fears of the unknown.
And now her pace had slowed,
until she was riding, alone.

And as that Knight experienced,
her overwhelming fears.
She suddenly fell off her horse,
abandoned, by her peers.


She landed hard upon the ground;
her head, struck a stone.
She was knocked unconscious for quite a spell,
then awoke, with a groan.

The darkness, now, had overcome the light,
as she gazed up, at a star.
And then she spied her horse a grazing,
in the meadowland, afar.

The Silver Knight could barely stand,
her right leg, now, was broken.
She used her sword just like a cane,
while angry words were spoken.

The Knight removed her dented armor,
and laid it in a pile.
Then hobbled over to a clearing,
and sat down, for a while.

She rested in that meadow,
pondering her path.
And then she heard a thunderous screech,
that filled the skies with wrath.

Her pulse began to rapidly beat;
her heart filled with fear.
And now that thundering, screeching sound,
grew louder, and more near.

A fierce and fiery Dragon,
descended from the sky.
Billowing smoke and spewing flames,
that Knight just wanted to die.

That Dragon had such powerful wings,
and a scaly, monstrous tail.
It flew right down to that Silver Knight,
who appeared so scared and frail.

And then the Dragon, so sweetly spoke:
“Come, climb upon my back."
“For I will give you freedom,
and nothing will you lack."

“Come leave this loneliness and sorrow;
come leave behind this earth."
“Come fly with me, away from here,
to bliss and your rebirth."

“Come share my dreams, just leave your Quest;
you’re not needed, anymore.”
“Come fly with me, into the moonlight,
where both of us can soar.”

That Dragon offered a burning death;
Its words were full of lies!
So, the sword was grasped by the Silver Knight,
to fight that beast from the skies.

The Silver Knight and that Dragon,
battled throughout the night.
The Knight fought bravely with her sword,
exerting all her might!

At last, the Dragon retreated;
it flew back into the sky.
The Knight collapsed, within the meadow,
letting forth a huge sigh.


The Sun appeared on the horizon,
bringing the morning light.
The Knight looked up to see a cliff,
just within her sight.

And then the Knight, spied a cave,
within that cliff, nearby.
A place providing shelter,
a hole, in which to hide.

For now, the Knight feared greatly,
that Dragon’s swift return.
And did not want to be carried off,
away from Earth to burn.

The Knight was able to climb the cliff,
soon hiding in that hole.
Until a deep and trembling roar,
did shake that Knight’s poor soul.

And now, another Dragon appeared,
from deeper in that cave.
A terrifying, skeletal beast,
a dreadful hiss, it gave.

And then that Dragon, so sweetly spoke:
“Please, have no fear of me.”
“For I am here to save your bones.”
“Do not despair.” “Trust me.”

“Come join me in my world of darkness,
deep in this abyss.”
“For I, will always take care of you,
and nothing will you miss.”

“Great riches will surround you,
endless jewels, countless gold.”
“And pain will no longer plague you;
you will have treasures, untold.”

“No longer will you be burdened,
with all these earthly woes.”
“Instead, you’ll have great power,
to conquer any foes.”

“You also won’t be bothered,
by other Human Beings.”
"For Humans always disappoint,
at times, of greatest needs.”

“And becoming wise and loving,
and performing selfless deeds.”
“These only lead to heartache,
and unfulfilled deep needs.”

“So give up these dreams you carry,
abandon that old Quest”.
“Just crawl with me into darkness.”
“I know, what is best”.

That Dragon offered a cold, heartless death,
devoid of light and bliss.
So, the sword was grasped by the Silver Knight,
to fight that beast from the abyss.

The Silver Knight and that Dragon
battled throughout the day,
The Knight fought bravely, with her sword,
to keep that Dragon, away!

The Dragon finally retreated,
deep, within its lair.
The Knight collapsed, within the cave,
exhausted, in great despair.


The Sun appeared on the horizon,
bringing the morning light.
The Knight crawled down to the meadow,
uncertain of her plight.

The Knight was so depleted;
laying on the ground.
But then, the Knight heard singing.
Oh, what a beautiful sound!

And now appeared two children,
with hearts as pure as gold.
Surrounded by their angels,
of beauty yet untold.

So quickly ran the children,
to the side of the injured Knight.
Their hearts so full of love;
their eyes so sparkling bright.

One child sat close-by,
to bring comfort to that Knight.
The other child found the horse,
and rode it out of sight.

It did not take too long,
for other villagers to arrive.
They brought sweet tea and blankets,
to keep the Knight alive.

The Knight was gently carried,
to their village, to be tended.
The Knight slept well and was nourished,
her wounds and heart, were mended.

The Dragons, in that village,
had been banished long ago.
Still the villagers remained alert,
in case a Dragon, did show.

And as that Knight recovered,
under loving and watchful eyes.
That Knight felt love and hope return,
and was happy to be alive!

For now, the Knight was learning,
the art of giving and receiving,
The type of love, the villagers showed,
that gave to life its meaning.


For everyone in this village,
was also on a Quest,
for wisdom and compassion,
selfless service, at its best.

They all wore spiritual armor,
that shone, brilliantly, like gold.
These Knights carried glistening swords,
that served to transform souls.

Their eyes shone with brightness;
their hearts glowed with love.
Their armor served to protect them,
while their strength flowed from above.

An inner Sun, so brightly shone,
within these Golden Knights.
Radiating courage and love,
as they, fearlessly, upheld the light.

And unlike the Silver Knights,
who avoided Dragons, on their trail,
These Golden Knights, sought-out the Dragons,
so others, would not fail.

And as these Knights journeyed onward,
across countries, far and wide.
They frequently looked behind them,
and often, side to side.

They knew, that their weakest member,
was just a tender seed.
Who only needed extra care,
to not become a weed.

They also kept a watchful eye,
on others, and their peers.
They knew the Dragons could return,
and tempt them, through the years.

Their journey was often slower,
not speed, at any cost.
For the journey was what mattered,
so the goals, would not be lost.

For to be wise, loving, and selfless,
are humanity’s goals;
so love and transformation,
can occur In all our souls.


The Silver Knight, through patience and love,
was finally able to heal.
This Knight was given golden armor,
with a glistening sword to wield.

She set off on her journey again,
now, with the Golden Knights.
Together, seeking those Dragons,
battling day and night.

For where the darkest forces appear,
bringing sorrow and strife.
Are also the places, where the brightest light,
can shine forth, into this life.

For Dragons, she had learned,
are not meant to be faced alone.
Support is always needed,
when facing fears of the unknown.

And as that Knight journeyed onward,
the Quest, upon her mind.
She frequently gazed side to side,
and often, looked behind.

And she, too, needed to remember,
to sometimes slow her pace.
For Quests, are shared by all,
and not meant, to be a race.

And now there is a Golden Knight,
who seeks to transform her soul.
Wisdom, compassion, and selfless deeds,
are her ennobled goals.

-- Susan R. Johnson MD