The Redwood Seed

Author: Susan R. Johnson MD, F.A.A.P.

Once upon a time,
There were four little seeds,
And they all talked with each other,
About what they were going to be.

The Pumpkin seed,
The Sunflower seed,
And the Carrot seed all knew,
While the tiny little Redwood seed,
Didn't have a clue.

The Pumpkin seed said,
"Please everyone listen to me.
I know what I am going to be."

“Give me water,
And I will grow a green vine,
With broad green leaves
That will be so fine.“

“A bright orange fruit,
Is what I will make,
And sweet pumpkin pies
For the children to bake.”

Then the Pumpkin seed asked
the Redwood seed,
"What will you be?"
“I don’t know,” said the small red seed
"I will just have to see."

Then the Sunflower seed said,
"Please everyone listen to me.
I know what I am going to be."

I will grow tall,
Swaying in the breeze for fun.
I will create a yellow flower,
That will dance with the sun.

This blossom will bring forth
A thousand seeds,
On which blue jays and squirrels,
Will eagerly feed.”

Then the Sunflower seed asked
the tiny Redwood seed, And
“What will you do?”
“I don’t know,” said the small red seed,
“I am still too new.”

Then the Carrot seed said,
“Please everyone listen to me.
I know what I am going to be.”

“I will grow into
A plant of such worth.
I will send forth an orange root,
Deep into the earth.”

And when the children,
Give my root a bite.
I will give to their eyes,
Vision at night.

Then the Carrot seed asked
The Redwood seed,
“Who will you feed?”
“I don’t know”, said the small red seed.
“Maybe I will just be a weed.”

Well for 2000 years
The Redwood seed grew,
Taller and stronger
And wider too.

Its fiery red branches
Reached out from its side.
As if they were trying
To push back the sky.

Its roots stretched out as long,
As its red trunk grew high.
While its branches and needles,
Protected all that passed by.

The Redwood seed no longer wondered,
What it would be,
For it had grown,
Into the most magnificent tree.