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Our Energy -- What Enhances It and What Drains It

Susan R. Johnson MD, FAAP, 11/3/2009

A few years ago while waiting for my son at his dental appointment, I came across a magazine article that spoke about the things in our lives that enhance or deplete our energy. Here is that list along with several of my own suggestions and observations.



Physical Energy Enhancers

*Nutritious, vitamin and mineral packed organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

*Good quality fats like coconut oil, olive oil, raw organic dairy products, avocados, pumpkin seeds, vitamin D cod liver oil, fermented foods and almonds

*Grass fed beef and free-range organic chickens and eggs

*Abundant pure water

*Light from the sun, moon, and stars

*Walking in a beautiful place

*Swimming in lakes, oceans, and rivers

*Hiking in the mountains and strolling along the beach

*Getting plenty of sleep (remember the sleep before midnight counts as double!)

*Doing things at your own pace rather than how someone else dictates them

*Dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments

*Bike riding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and canoeing

* Relaxing movement therapies such as Tai Chi, Eurythmy, yoga

*Taking a warm bath or sauna

*Receiving a gentle massage

*Giving and receiving hugs, back-rubs, and foot-rubs

*Holding hands

*Painting, drawing, knitting, quilting, carving wood, sculpting clay

Mental and Spiritual Energy Enhancers

*Saying YES to what is

*Spending time with friends and family who are positive and enhance your life

*Having adequate savings and maintaining a reasonable level of spending

*Maintaining a nurturing environment that is neat, clean, and organized

*Facing old conflicts and finding ways to forgive and move on

*Allowing spaces of free time in your scheduling for the unexpected

*Get more sleep (It is your connection to the spiritual world)

*Saying only what you believe to be the truth

*Doing everything with love

*Practicing gratitude

*Focusing on what you want instead of what you don't want

*Focusing on what you have instead of what you don't have

*Saying no to anything that goes against your values and integrity

*See your own gifts and bless the gifts in others

*Listening to and following your inner guidance

*Spending time in nature

*Having Fun, laughing at yourself and at life

*Praying, meditating, taking moments to still your thoughts

*Identify your dreams and follow them

*Listening to uplifting music

*Reading or listening to inspirational people, books, tapes, and poetry



Physical Energy Drains





*Margarine, corn oil, and other partially-hydrogenated and trans-fats

*Skipping meals

*Too much caffeine

*Food additives

*Lack of exercise or overdoing exercise

*Too much time spent driving

*Not much time in nature

*Insufficient sleep

*Constant rushing

Mental and Spiritual Energy Drains

*Too much mindless TV

*Too much time in front of a computer screen

*Excessive exposure to the news on TV, radio, and in newspapers

*Too much noise

*Spending time around negative, complaining, demanding people at work or at home

*Talking about yourself negatively, putting yourself down, putting others down

*Worrying and thinking too much about the past or the future

*A cluttered environment

*Financial concerns and overspending

*Projects you haven't finished

*Relationships and conflicts you haven't resolved or forgiven

*Resisting and resenting your life

*Holding things inside that you are afraid to express

*Pushing yourself to do things that you don't want to do

*Staying in a job you dislike or can't transform

*Staying in an unhealthy relationship that you can't transform


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